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Packages that use Sampler Faceted Search API Sampling for facets accumulation 

Uses of Sampler in

Methods in that return Sampler
 Sampler AdaptiveFacetsAccumulator.getSampler()

Methods in with parameters of type Sampler
 void AdaptiveFacetsAccumulator.setSampler(Sampler sampler)
          Set the sampler.

Constructors in with parameters of type Sampler
SamplingWrapper(FacetsAccumulator delegee, Sampler sampler)

Uses of Sampler in

Subclasses of Sampler in
 class RandomSampler
          Simple random sampler
 class RepeatableSampler
          Take random samples of large collections.

Constructors in with parameters of type Sampler
SamplingAccumulator(Sampler sampler, FacetSearchParams searchParams, IndexReader indexReader, TaxonomyReader taxonomyReader)
SamplingAccumulator(Sampler sampler, FacetSearchParams searchParams, IndexReader indexReader, TaxonomyReader taxonomyReader, IntArrayAllocator intArrayAllocator, FloatArrayAllocator floatArrayAllocator)

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