Class TopKInEachNodeHandler.IntermediateFacetResultWithHash

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public static class TopKInEachNodeHandler.IntermediateFacetResultWithHash
extends Object
implements IntermediateFacetResult

Intermediate result to hold counts from one or more partitions processed thus far. Its main field, constructor parameter mapToAACOs, is a map from ordinals to AACOs. The AACOs mapped to contain ordinals and values encountered in the count arrays of the partitions processed thus far. The ordinals mapped from are their parents, and they may be not contained in the partitions processed thus far. All nodes belong to the taxonomy subtree defined at the facet request, constructor parameter facetReq, by its root and depth.

Field Summary
protected  IntToObjectMap<> mapToAACOs
Constructor Summary
TopKInEachNodeHandler.IntermediateFacetResultWithHash(FacetRequest facetReq, IntToObjectMap<> mapToAACOs)
Method Summary
 FacetRequest getFacetRequest()
          Facet request for which this temporary result was created.
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Field Detail


protected IntToObjectMap<> mapToAACOs
Constructor Detail


public TopKInEachNodeHandler.IntermediateFacetResultWithHash(FacetRequest facetReq,
                                                             IntToObjectMap<> mapToAACOs)
Method Detail


public FacetRequest getFacetRequest()
Description copied from interface: IntermediateFacetResult
Facet request for which this temporary result was created.

Specified by:
getFacetRequest in interface IntermediateFacetResult

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