Class ScoredDocIdCollector

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public abstract class ScoredDocIdCollector
extends Collector

A Collector which stores all docIDs and their scores in a ScoredDocIDs instance. If scoring is not enabled, then the default score as set in setDefaultScore(float) (or ScoredDocIDsIterator.DEFAULT_SCORE) will be set for all documents.

WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.

Field Summary
protected  int docBase
protected  OpenBitSet docIds
protected  int numDocIds
Method Summary
static ScoredDocIdCollector create(int maxDoc, boolean enableScoring)
          Creates a new ScoredDocIdCollector with the given parameters.
abstract  float getDefaultScore()
          Returns the default score used when scoring is disabled.
 ScoredDocIDs getScoredDocIDs()
abstract  ScoredDocIDsIterator scoredDocIdsIterator()
abstract  void setDefaultScore(float defaultScore)
          Set the default score.
 void setNextReader(IndexReader reader, int base)
          Called before collecting from each IndexReader.
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Field Detail


protected int numDocIds


protected int docBase


protected final OpenBitSet docIds
Method Detail


public static ScoredDocIdCollector create(int maxDoc,
                                          boolean enableScoring)
Creates a new ScoredDocIdCollector with the given parameters.

maxDoc - the number of documents that are expected to be collected. Note that if more documents are collected, unexpected exceptions may be thrown. Usually you should pass IndexReader.maxDoc() of the same IndexReader with which the search is executed.
enableScoring - if scoring is enabled, a score will be computed for every matching document, which might be expensive. Therefore if you do not require scoring, it is better to set it to false.


public abstract float getDefaultScore()
Returns the default score used when scoring is disabled.


public abstract void setDefaultScore(float defaultScore)
Set the default score. Only applicable if scoring is disabled.


public abstract ScoredDocIDsIterator scoredDocIdsIterator()
                                                   throws IOException


public ScoredDocIDs getScoredDocIDs()


public void setNextReader(IndexReader reader,
                          int base)
                   throws IOException
Description copied from class: Collector
Called before collecting from each IndexReader. All doc ids in Collector.collect(int) will correspond to reader. Add docBase to the current IndexReaders internal document id to re-base ids in Collector.collect(int).

Specified by:
setNextReader in class Collector
reader - next IndexReader

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