Package org.apache.lucene.facet.index.streaming

Expert: attributes streaming definition for indexing facets


Class Summary
CategoryAttributesStream An attribute stream built from an Iterable of CategoryAttribute.
CategoryListTokenizer A base class for category list tokenizers, which add category list tokens to category streams.
CategoryParentsStream This class adds parents to a CategoryAttributesStream.
CategoryTokenizer Basic class for setting the CharTermAttributes and PayloadAttributes of category tokens.
CategoryTokenizerBase A base class for all token filters which add term and payload attributes to tokens and are to be used in CategoryDocumentBuilder.
CountingListTokenizer CategoryListTokenizer for facet counting

Package org.apache.lucene.facet.index.streaming Description

Expert: attributes streaming definition for indexing facets

Steaming of facets attributes is a low level indexing interface with Lucene indexing. There are two types of category related streams:

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