Package org.apache.lucene.facet.enhancements

Enhanced category features


Interface Summary
CategoryEnhancement This interface allows easy addition of enhanced category features.

Class Summary
EnhancementsCategoryTokenizer A tokenizer which adds to each category token payload according to the CategoryEnhancements defined in the given EnhancementsIndexingParams.
EnhancementsDocumentBuilder An EnhancementsDocumentBuilder is a CategoryDocumentBuilder which adds categories to documents according to the list of CategoryEnhancements from EnhancementsIndexingParams.
EnhancementsPayloadIterator A PayloadIterator for iterating over category posting lists generated using EnhancementsCategoryTokenizer.

Package org.apache.lucene.facet.enhancements Description

Enhanced category features

Mechanisms for addition of enhanced category features.

A CategoryEnhancement (which can correspond to a CategoryProperty) can contribute to the index in two possible ways:

  1. To each category with data relevant to the enhancement, add this data to the category's token payload, through CategoryEnhancement.getCategoryTokenBytes(). This data will be read during search using CategoryEnhancement.extractCategoryTokenData().
  2. To each document which contains categories with data relevant to the enhancement, add a CategoryListTokenizer through CategoryEnhancement.getCategoryListTokenizer() . The CategoryListTokenizer should add a single token which includes all the enhancement relevant data from the categories. The category list token's text is defined by CategoryEnhancement.getCategoryListTermText().

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