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Packages that use OffsetAttribute
org.apache.lucene.analysis API and code to convert text into indexable/searchable tokens. 
org.apache.lucene.analysis.compound A filter that decomposes compound words you find in many Germanic languages into the word parts. 

Uses of OffsetAttribute in org.apache.lucene.analysis

Classes in org.apache.lucene.analysis that implement OffsetAttribute
 class Token
          A Token is an occurrence of a term from the text of a field.

Uses of OffsetAttribute in org.apache.lucene.analysis.compound

Fields in org.apache.lucene.analysis.compound declared as OffsetAttribute
protected  OffsetAttribute CompoundWordTokenFilterBase.offsetAtt

Uses of OffsetAttribute in org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenattributes

Classes in org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenattributes that implement OffsetAttribute
 class OffsetAttributeImpl
          The start and end character offset of a Token.

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