Analyzer for Portuguese.


Class Summary
PortugueseAnalyzer Analyzer for Portuguese.
PortugueseLightStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies PortugueseLightStemmer to stem Portuguese words.
PortugueseLightStemmer Light Stemmer for Portuguese
PortugueseMinimalStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies PortugueseMinimalStemmer to stem Portuguese words.
PortugueseMinimalStemmer Minimal Stemmer for Portuguese
PortugueseStemFilter A TokenFilter that applies PortugueseStemmer to stem Portuguese words.
PortugueseStemmer Portuguese stemmer implementing the RSLP (Removedor de Sufixos da Lingua Portuguesa) algorithm.
RSLPStemmerBase Base class for stemmers that use a set of RSLP-like stemming steps.
RSLPStemmerBase.Rule A basic rule, with no exceptions.
RSLPStemmerBase.RuleWithSetExceptions A rule with a set of whole-word exceptions.
RSLPStemmerBase.RuleWithSuffixExceptions A rule with a set of exceptional suffixes.
RSLPStemmerBase.Step A step containing a list of rules.

Package Description

Analyzer for Portuguese.

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