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Packages that use FSDirectory Binary i/o API, used for all index data. 

Uses of FSDirectory in

Subclasses of FSDirectory in
 class MMapDirectory
          File-based Directory implementation that uses mmap for reading, and FSDirectory.FSIndexOutput for writing.
 class NIOFSDirectory
          An FSDirectory implementation that uses java.nio's FileChannel's positional read, which allows multiple threads to read from the same file without synchronizing.
 class SimpleFSDirectory
          A straightforward implementation of FSDirectory using

Methods in that return FSDirectory
static FSDirectory path)
          Creates an FSDirectory instance, trying to pick the best implementation given the current environment.
static FSDirectory path, LockFactory lockFactory)
          Just like open(File), but allows you to also specify a custom LockFactory.

Constructors in with parameters of type FSDirectory
FSDirectory.FSIndexOutput(FSDirectory parent, String name)

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