Class SpanFilterResult

  extended by

public class SpanFilterResult
extends Object

The results of a SpanQueryFilter. Wraps the BitSet and the position information from the SpanQuery

WARNING: This API is experimental and might change in incompatible ways in the next release.

Nested Class Summary
static class SpanFilterResult.PositionInfo
static class SpanFilterResult.StartEnd
Constructor Summary
SpanFilterResult(DocIdSet docIdSet, List<SpanFilterResult.PositionInfo> positions)
Method Summary
 DocIdSet getDocIdSet()
          Returns the docIdSet
 List<SpanFilterResult.PositionInfo> getPositions()
          The first entry in the array corresponds to the first "on" bit.
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Constructor Detail


public SpanFilterResult(DocIdSet docIdSet,
                        List<SpanFilterResult.PositionInfo> positions)
docIdSet - The DocIdSet for the Filter
positions - A List of SpanFilterResult.PositionInfo objects
Method Detail


public List<SpanFilterResult.PositionInfo> getPositions()
The first entry in the array corresponds to the first "on" bit. Entries are increasing by document order

A List of PositionInfo objects


public DocIdSet getDocIdSet()
Returns the docIdSet

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