Binary i/o API, used for all index data.


Class Summary
BufferedIndexInput Base implementation class for buffered IndexInput.
BufferedIndexOutput Base implementation class for buffered IndexOutput.
ChecksumIndexInput Writes bytes through to a primary IndexOutput, computing checksum as it goes.
ChecksumIndexOutput Writes bytes through to a primary IndexOutput, computing checksum.
DirectIOLinuxDirectory An Directory implementation that uses the Linux-specific O_DIRECT flag to bypass all OS level caching.
Directory A Directory is a flat list of files.
FileSwitchDirectory Expert: A Directory instance that switches files between two other Directory instances.
FSDirectory Base class for Directory implementations that store index files in the file system.
FSLockFactory Base class for file system based locking implementation.
IndexInput Abstract base class for input from a file in a Directory.
IndexOutput Abstract base class for output to a file in a Directory.
Lock An interprocess mutex lock.
Lock.With Utility class for executing code with exclusive access.
LockFactory Base class for Locking implementation.
LockStressTest Simple standalone tool that forever acquires & releases a lock using a specific LockFactory.
LockVerifyServer Simple standalone server that must be running when you use VerifyingLockFactory.
MMapDirectory File-based Directory implementation that uses mmap for reading, and FSDirectory.FSIndexOutput for writing.
NativeFSLockFactory Implements LockFactory using native OS file locks.
NIOFSDirectory An FSDirectory implementation that uses java.nio's FileChannel's positional read, which allows multiple threads to read from the same file without synchronizing.
NoLockFactory Use this LockFactory to disable locking entirely.
NRTCachingDirectory Wraps a RAMDirectory around any provided delegate directory, to be used during NRT search.
RAMDirectory A memory-resident Directory implementation.
RAMOutputStream A memory-resident IndexOutput implementation.
SimpleFSDirectory A straightforward implementation of FSDirectory using
SimpleFSLockFactory Implements LockFactory using File.createNewFile().
SingleInstanceLockFactory Implements LockFactory for a single in-process instance, meaning all locking will take place through this one instance.
VerifyingLockFactory A LockFactory that wraps another LockFactory and verifies that each lock obtain/release is "correct" (never results in two processes holding the lock at the same time).
WindowsDirectory Native Directory implementation for Microsoft Windows.

Exception Summary
AlreadyClosedException This exception is thrown when there is an attempt to access something that has already been closed.
LockObtainFailedException This exception is thrown when the write.lock could not be acquired.
LockReleaseFailedException This exception is thrown when the write.lock could not be released.
NoSuchDirectoryException This exception is thrown when you try to list a non-existent directory.

Package Description

Binary i/o API, used for all index data.

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