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Packages that use RSLPStemmerBase.Rule Analyzer for Portuguese. 

Uses of RSLPStemmerBase.Rule in

Subclasses of RSLPStemmerBase.Rule in
protected static class RSLPStemmerBase.RuleWithSetExceptions
          A rule with a set of whole-word exceptions.
protected static class RSLPStemmerBase.RuleWithSuffixExceptions
          A rule with a set of exceptional suffixes.

Fields in declared as RSLPStemmerBase.Rule
protected  RSLPStemmerBase.Rule[] RSLPStemmerBase.Step.rules

Constructors in with parameters of type RSLPStemmerBase.Rule
RSLPStemmerBase.Step(String name, RSLPStemmerBase.Rule[] rules, int min, String[] suffixes)
          Create a new step

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