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Uses of Point2D in org.apache.lucene.spatial.geometry.shape

Fields in org.apache.lucene.spatial.geometry.shape declared as Point2D
 Point2D LineSegment.A
 Point2D LineSegment.B

Methods in org.apache.lucene.spatial.geometry.shape that return Point2D
 Point2D Rectangle.centroid()
 Point2D Geometry2D.centroid()
          Return the centroid
 Point2D Ellipse.centroid()
 Point2D Rectangle.getMaxPoint()
 Point2D Rectangle.getMinPoint()

Methods in org.apache.lucene.spatial.geometry.shape with parameters of type Point2D
 void Point2D.add(Point2D a)
 boolean Rectangle.contains(Point2D p)
 boolean Geometry2D.contains(Point2D p)
          Does the shape contain the given point
 boolean Ellipse.contains(Point2D pt)
 double LineSegment.distance(Point2D P, Point2D closestPt)
          Finds the distance of a specified point from the line segment and the closest point on the segment to the specified point.
 int Ellipse.intersect(LineSegment seg, Point2D pt0, Point2D pt1)
          Determines if a line segment intersects the ellipse and if so finds the point(s) of intersection.
 void Point2D.set(Point2D p1)

Constructors in org.apache.lucene.spatial.geometry.shape with parameters of type Point2D
Ellipse(Point2D p1, Point2D p2, double angle)
          Constructor given bounding rectangle and a rotation.
LineSegment(Point2D p1, Point2D p2)
Point2D(Point2D other)
Rectangle(Point2D ptMin, Point2D ptMax)
Vector2D(Point2D p)
          Create a vector from the origin of the coordinate system to the given point
Vector2D(Point2D from, Point2D to)
          Create a vector from one point to another

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