Suggest alternate spellings for words.


Interface Summary
Dictionary A simple interface representing a Dictionary.
StringDistance Interface for string distances.

Class Summary
LevensteinDistance Levenstein edit distance class.
LuceneDictionary Lucene Dictionary: terms taken from the given field of a Lucene index.
NGramDistance N-Gram version of edit distance based on paper by Grzegorz Kondrak, "N-gram similarity and distance".
PlainTextDictionary Dictionary represented by a text file.
SpellChecker Spell Checker class (Main class)
(initially inspired by the David Spencer code).
SuggestWord SuggestWord, used in suggestSimilar method in SpellChecker class.
SuggestWordFrequencyComparator Frequency first, then score.
SuggestWordQueue Sorts SuggestWord instances
SuggestWordScoreComparator Score first, then frequency

Package Description

Suggest alternate spellings for words. Also see the spell checker Wiki page.

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