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Packages that use CharFilter
org.apache.lucene.analysis API and code to convert text into indexable/searchable tokens. 
org.apache.lucene.analysis.fa Analyzer for Persian. 

Uses of CharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis

Subclasses of CharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis
 class BaseCharFilter
          Base utility class for implementing a CharFilter.
 class MappingCharFilter
          Simplistic CharFilter that applies the mappings contained in a NormalizeCharMap to the character stream, and correcting the resulting changes to the offsets.

Uses of CharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis.fa

Subclasses of CharFilter in org.apache.lucene.analysis.fa
 class PersianCharFilter
          CharFilter that replaces instances of Zero-width non-joiner with an ordinary space.

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