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Packages that use Scorer Code to search indices.
The payloads package provides Query mechanisms for finding and using payloads. The calculus of spans. 
org.apache.lucene.util Some utility classes. 

Uses of Scorer in

Subclasses of Scorer in
protected  class ConstantScoreQuery.ConstantScorer
 class ScoreCachingWrappingScorer
          A Scorer which wraps another scorer and caches the score of the current document.

Methods in that return Scorer
 Scorer DisjunctionMaxQuery.DisjunctionMaxWeight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)
 Scorer ConstantScoreQuery.ConstantWeight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)
 Scorer BooleanQuery.BooleanWeight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)
abstract  Scorer Weight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)
          Returns a Scorer which scores documents in/out-of order according to scoreDocsInOrder.

Methods in with parameters of type Scorer
 void TopScoreDocCollector.setScorer(Scorer scorer)
 void TimeLimitingCollector.setScorer(Scorer scorer)
 void PositiveScoresOnlyCollector.setScorer(Scorer scorer)
 void FieldComparator.setScorer(Scorer scorer)
          Sets the Scorer to use in case a document's score is needed.
 void FieldComparator.RelevanceComparator.setScorer(Scorer scorer)
abstract  void Collector.setScorer(Scorer scorer)
          Called before successive calls to Collector.collect(int).

Constructors in with parameters of type Scorer
ScoreCachingWrappingScorer(Scorer scorer)
          Creates a new instance by wrapping the given scorer.

Uses of Scorer in

Subclasses of Scorer in
 class PayloadNearQuery.PayloadNearSpanScorer
protected  class PayloadTermQuery.PayloadTermWeight.PayloadTermSpanScorer

Methods in that return Scorer
 Scorer PayloadTermQuery.PayloadTermWeight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)
 Scorer PayloadNearQuery.PayloadNearSpanWeight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)

Uses of Scorer in

Subclasses of Scorer in
 class SpanScorer
          Public for extension only.

Methods in that return Scorer
 Scorer SpanWeight.scorer(IndexReader reader, boolean scoreDocsInOrder, boolean topScorer)

Uses of Scorer in org.apache.lucene.util

Methods in org.apache.lucene.util that return Scorer
 Scorer ScorerDocQueue.pop()
          Removes and returns the least scorer of the ScorerDocQueue in log(size) time.
          Returns the least Scorer of the ScorerDocQueue in constant time.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.util with parameters of type Scorer
 boolean ScorerDocQueue.insert(Scorer scorer)
          Adds a Scorer to the ScorerDocQueue in log(size) time if either the ScorerDocQueue is not full, or not lessThan(scorer, top()).
 void ScorerDocQueue.put(Scorer scorer)
          Adds a Scorer to a ScorerDocQueue in log(size) time.

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