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Packages that use ScoreDoc Code to search indices. 

Uses of ScoreDoc in

Classes in with type parameters of type ScoreDoc
 class TopDocsCollector<T extends ScoreDoc>
          A base class for all collectors that return a TopDocs output.

Subclasses of ScoreDoc in
 class FieldDoc
          Expert: A ScoreDoc which also contains information about how to sort the referenced document.

Fields in declared as ScoreDoc
 ScoreDoc[] TopDocs.scoreDocs
          The top hits for the query.

Methods in with parameters of type ScoreDoc
protected  TopDocs TopScoreDocCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
protected  TopDocs TopFieldCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
protected  TopDocs TopDocsCollector.newTopDocs(ScoreDoc[] results, int start)
          Returns a TopDocs instance containing the given results.
protected  void TopFieldCollector.populateResults(ScoreDoc[] results, int howMany)
protected  void TopDocsCollector.populateResults(ScoreDoc[] results, int howMany)
          Populates the results array with the ScoreDoc instaces.

Constructors in with parameters of type ScoreDoc
TopDocs(int totalHits, ScoreDoc[] scoreDocs, float maxScore)
TopFieldDocs(int totalHits, ScoreDoc[] scoreDocs, SortField[] fields, float maxScore)
          Creates one of these objects.

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