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org.apache.lucene.index Code to maintain and access indices. 

Uses of MergeScheduler in org.apache.lucene.index

Subclasses of MergeScheduler in org.apache.lucene.index
 class ConcurrentMergeScheduler
          A MergeScheduler that runs each merge using a separate thread, up until a maximum number of threads (ConcurrentMergeScheduler.setMaxThreadCount(int)) at which when a merge is needed, the thread(s) that are updating the index will pause until one or more merges completes.
 class SerialMergeScheduler
          A MergeScheduler that simply does each merge sequentially, using the current thread.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index that return MergeScheduler
 MergeScheduler IndexWriter.getMergeScheduler()
          Expert: returns the current MergePolicy in use by this writer.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index with parameters of type MergeScheduler
 void IndexWriter.setMergeScheduler(MergeScheduler mergeScheduler)
          Expert: set the merge scheduler used by this writer.

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