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Packages that use FieldInvertState Code to search indices. 

Uses of FieldInvertState in

Methods in with parameters of type FieldInvertState
 float SimilarityDelegator.computeNorm(String fieldName, FieldInvertState state)
 float DefaultSimilarity.computeNorm(String field, FieldInvertState state)
          Implemented as state.getBoost()*lengthNorm(numTerms), where numTerms is getLength() if DefaultSimilarity.setDiscountOverlaps(boolean) is false, else it's getLength() - getNumOverlap().
 float Similarity.computeNorm(String field, FieldInvertState state)
          Compute the normalization value for a field, given the accumulated state of term processing for this field (see FieldInvertState).

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