Interface StandardQueryBuilder

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AnyQueryNodeBuilder, BooleanQueryNodeBuilder, BoostQueryNodeBuilder, FieldQueryNodeBuilder, FuzzyQueryNodeBuilder, GroupQueryNodeBuilder, MatchAllDocsQueryNodeBuilder, MatchNoDocsQueryNodeBuilder, ModifierQueryNodeBuilder, MultiPhraseQueryNodeBuilder, PhraseQueryNodeBuilder, PrefixWildcardQueryNodeBuilder, RangeQueryNodeBuilder, SlopQueryNodeBuilder, StandardBooleanQueryNodeBuilder, StandardQueryTreeBuilder, WildcardQueryNodeBuilder

public interface StandardQueryBuilder
extends QueryBuilder

This interface should be implemented by every class that wants to build Query objects from QueryNode objects.

See Also:
QueryBuilder, QueryTreeBuilder

Method Summary build(QueryNode queryNode)
          Builds some kind of object from a query tree.

Method Detail

build build(QueryNode queryNode)
                                     throws QueryNodeException
Description copied from interface: QueryBuilder
Builds some kind of object from a query tree.

Specified by:
build in interface QueryBuilder
queryNode - the query tree root node
some object generated from the query tree

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