Class SynExpand

  extended by org.apache.lucene.wordnet.SynExpand

public final class SynExpand
extends Object

Expand a query by looking up synonyms for every term. You need to invoke Syns2Index first to build the synonym index.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Query expand(String query, Searcher syns, Analyzer a, String f, float boost)
          Perform synonym expansion on a query.
static void main(String[] args)
          Test driver for synonym expansion.
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Constructor Detail


public SynExpand()
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws IOException
Test driver for synonym expansion. Uses boost factor of 0.9 for illustrative purposes. If you pass in the query "big dog" then it prints out:
 Query: big adult^0.9 bad^0.9 bighearted^0.9 boastful^0.9 boastfully^0.9 bounteous^0.9 bountiful^0.9 braggy^0.9 crowing^0.9 freehanded^0.9 giving^0.9 grown^0.9 grownup^0.9 handsome^0.9 large^0.9 liberal^0.9 magnanimous^0.9 momentous^0.9 openhanded^0.9 prominent^0.9 swelled^0.9 vainglorious^0.9 vauntingly^0.9
 dog andiron^0.9 blackguard^0.9 bounder^0.9 cad^0.9 chase^0.9 click^0.9 detent^0.9 dogtooth^0.9 firedog^0.9 frank^0.9 frankfurter^0.9 frump^0.9 heel^0.9 hotdog^0.9 hound^0.9 pawl^0.9 tag^0.9 tail^0.9 track^0.9 trail^0.9 weenie^0.9 wiener^0.9 wienerwurst^0.9



public static Query expand(String query,
                           Searcher syns,
                           Analyzer a,
                           String f,
                           float boost)
                    throws IOException
Perform synonym expansion on a query.

query - users query that is assumed to not have any "special" query syntax, thus it should be just normal words, so "big dog" makes sense, but a query like "title:foo^1.2" doesn't as this should presumably be passed directly to the default query parser.
syns - a opened to the Lucene index you previously created with Syns2Index. The searcher is not closed or otherwise altered.
a - optional analyzer used to parse the users query else StandardAnalyzer is used
f - optional field name to search in or null if you want the default of "contents"
boost - optional boost applied to synonyms else no boost is applied
the expanded Query

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