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Packages that use PriorityQueue Code to search indices. Document similarity query generators. 

Uses of PriorityQueue in

Subclasses of PriorityQueue in
 class FieldValueHitQueue
          Expert: A hit queue for sorting by hits by terms in more than one field.

Fields in declared as PriorityQueue
protected  PriorityQueue<T> TopDocsCollector.pq
          The priority queue which holds the top documents.

Constructors in with parameters of type PriorityQueue
TopDocsCollector(PriorityQueue<T> pq)

Uses of PriorityQueue in

Methods in that return PriorityQueue
 PriorityQueue<Object[]> MoreLikeThis.retrieveTerms(int docNum)
          Find words for a more-like-this query former.
 PriorityQueue<Object[]> MoreLikeThis.retrieveTerms(Reader r)
          Find words for a more-like-this query former.

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