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Packages that use Lock Binary i/o API, used for all index data. Berkeley DB 4.3 based implementation of Directory Berkeley DB Java Edition based implementation of Directory

Uses of Lock in

Methods in that return Lock
 Lock VerifyingLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock SingleInstanceLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock SimpleFSLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock NoLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
 Lock NativeFSLockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
abstract  Lock LockFactory.makeLock(String lockName)
          Return a new Lock instance identified by lockName.
 Lock Directory.makeLock(String name)
          Construct a Lock.

Constructors in with parameters of type Lock
Lock.With(Lock lock, long lockWaitTimeout)
          Constructs an executor that will grab the named lock.

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Subclasses of Lock in
 class DbLock
          This implementation of Lock is trivial as DbDirectory operations are managed by the Berkeley DB locking system.

Methods in that return Lock
 Lock DbDirectory.makeLock(String name)

Uses of Lock in

Subclasses of Lock in
 class JELock
          Port of Andi Vajda's DbDirectory to Java Edition of Berkeley Database

Methods in that return Lock
 Lock JEDirectory.makeLock(String name)

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