Uses of Interface

Packages that use StringDistance Suggest alternate spellings for words. 

Uses of StringDistance in

Classes in that implement StringDistance
 class JaroWinklerDistance
 class LevensteinDistance
          Levenstein edit distance class.
 class NGramDistance
          N-Gram version of edit distance based on paper by Grzegorz Kondrak, "N-gram similarity and distance".

Methods in that return StringDistance
 StringDistance SpellChecker.getStringDistance()
          Returns the StringDistance instance used by this SpellChecker instance.

Methods in with parameters of type StringDistance
 void SpellChecker.setStringDistance(StringDistance sd)
          Sets the StringDistance implementation for this SpellChecker instance.

Constructors in with parameters of type StringDistance
SpellChecker(Directory spellIndex, StringDistance sd)
          Use the given directory as a spell checker index.

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