Uses of Interface

Packages that use Searchable Code to search indices. 

Uses of Searchable in

Subinterfaces of Searchable in
 interface RMIRemoteSearchable
          Marker interface to enable subclasses of Searchable to be used via Java RMI.

Classes in that implement Searchable
 class IndexSearcher
          Implements search over a single IndexReader.
 class MultiSearcher
          Implements search over a set of Searchables.
 class ParallelMultiSearcher
          Implements parallel search over a set of Searchables.
 class RemoteSearchable
          A remote searchable implementation.
 class Searcher
          An abstract base class for search implementations.

Methods in that return Searchable
 Searchable[] MultiSearcher.getSearchables()
          Return the array of Searchables this searches.

Constructors in with parameters of type Searchable
MultiSearcher(Searchable... searchables)
          Creates a searcher which searches searchers.
ParallelMultiSearcher(Searchable... searchables)
          Creates a Searchable which searches searchables.
RemoteSearchable(Searchable local)
          Constructs and exports a remote searcher.

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