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org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.nodes Contains query nodes that are commonly used by query parser implementations 
org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.nodes Standard Lucene Query Nodes 

Uses of QueryNodeImpl in org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.nodes

Subclasses of QueryNodeImpl in org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.nodes
 class AndQueryNode
          A AndQueryNode represents an AND boolean operation performed on a list of nodes.
 class AnyQueryNode
          A AnyQueryNode represents an ANY operator performed on a list of nodes.
 class BooleanQueryNode
          A BooleanQueryNode represents a list of elements which do not have an explicit boolean operator defined between them.
 class BoostQueryNode
          A BoostQueryNode boosts the QueryNode tree which is under this node.
 class DeletedQueryNode
          A DeletedQueryNode represents a node that was deleted from the query node tree.
 class FieldQueryNode
          A FieldQueryNode represents a element that contains field/text tuple
 class FuzzyQueryNode
          A FuzzyQueryNode represents a element that contains field/text/similarity tuple
 class GroupQueryNode
          A GroupQueryNode represents a location where the original user typed real parenthesis on the query string.
 class MatchAllDocsQueryNode
          A MatchAllDocsQueryNode indicates that a query node tree or subtree will match all documents if executed in the index.
 class MatchNoDocsQueryNode
          A MatchNoDocsQueryNode indicates that a query node tree or subtree will not match any documents if executed in the index.
 class ModifierQueryNode
          A ModifierQueryNode indicates the modifier value (+,-,?,NONE) for each term on the query string.
 class NoTokenFoundQueryNode
          A NoTokenFoundQueryNode is used if a term is convert into no tokens by the tokenizer/lemmatizer/analyzer (null).
 class OpaqueQueryNode
          A OpaqueQueryNode is used for specify values that are not supposed to be parsed by the parser.
 class OrQueryNode
          A OrQueryNode represents an OR boolean operation performed on a list of nodes.
 class ParametricQueryNode
          A ParametricQueryNode represents LE, LT, GE, GT, EQ, NE query.
 class ParametricRangeQueryNode
          A ParametricRangeQueryNode represents LE, LT, GE, GT, EQ, NE query.
 class PathQueryNode
          A PathQueryNode is used to store queries like /company/USA/California /product/shoes/brown.
 class PhraseSlopQueryNode
 class ProximityQueryNode
          A ProximityQueryNode represents a query where the terms should meet specific distance conditions.
 class QuotedFieldQueryNode
          A QuotedFieldQueryNode represents phrase query.
 class SlopQueryNode
          A SlopQueryNode represents phrase query with a slop.
 class TokenizedPhraseQueryNode
          A TokenizedPhraseQueryNode represents a node created by a code that tokenizes/lemmatizes/analyzes.

Uses of QueryNodeImpl in org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.nodes

Subclasses of QueryNodeImpl in org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.nodes
 class BooleanModifierNode
          A BooleanModifierNode has the same behaviour as ModifierQueryNode, it only indicates that this modifier was added by GroupQueryNodeProcessor and not by the user.
 class MultiPhraseQueryNode
          A MultiPhraseQueryNode indicates that its children should be used to build a MultiPhraseQuery instead of PhraseQuery.
 class PrefixWildcardQueryNode
          A PrefixWildcardQueryNode represents wildcardquery that matches abc* or *.
 class RangeQueryNode
          This query node represents a range query.
 class StandardBooleanQueryNode
          A StandardBooleanQueryNode has the same behavior as BooleanQueryNode.
 class WildcardQueryNode
          A WildcardQueryNode represents wildcard query This does not apply to phrases.

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