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org.apache.lucene.index Code to maintain and access indices. InstantiatedIndex, alternative RAM store for small corpora. 

Uses of TermVectorMapper in org.apache.lucene.index

Subclasses of TermVectorMapper in org.apache.lucene.index
 class FieldSortedTermVectorMapper
          For each Field, store a sorted collection of TermVectorEntrys

This is not thread-safe.

 class PositionBasedTermVectorMapper
          For each Field, store position by position information.
 class SortedTermVectorMapper
          Store a sorted collection of TermVectorEntrys.

Methods in org.apache.lucene.index with parameters of type TermVectorMapper
 void TermVectorAccessor.accept(IndexReader indexReader, int documentNumber, String fieldName, TermVectorMapper mapper)
          Visits the TermVectorMapper and populates it with terms available for a given document, either via a vector created at index time or by resolving them from the inverted index.
 void ParallelReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, String field, TermVectorMapper mapper)
 void MultiReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, String field, TermVectorMapper mapper)
 void FilterIndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, String field, TermVectorMapper mapper)
abstract  void IndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, String field, TermVectorMapper mapper)
          Load the Term Vector into a user-defined data structure instead of relying on the parallel arrays of the TermFreqVector.
 void SegmentReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, String field, TermVectorMapper mapper)
 void ParallelReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, TermVectorMapper mapper)
 void MultiReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, TermVectorMapper mapper)
 void FilterIndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, TermVectorMapper mapper)
abstract  void IndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, TermVectorMapper mapper)
          Map all the term vectors for all fields in a Document
 void SegmentReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, TermVectorMapper mapper)

Uses of TermVectorMapper in

Methods in with parameters of type TermVectorMapper
 void InstantiatedIndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, String field, TermVectorMapper mapper)
 void InstantiatedIndexReader.getTermFreqVector(int docNumber, TermVectorMapper mapper)

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