Package org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds

Sources for benchmark inputs: documents and queries.


Interface Summary
HTMLParser HTML Parsing Interface for test purposes
QueryMaker Create queries for the test.

Class Summary
AbstractQueryMaker Abstract base query maker.
ContentSource Represents content from a specified source, such as TREC, Reuters etc.
DemoHTMLParser HTML Parser that is based on Lucene's demo HTML parser.
DirContentSource A ContentSource using the Dir collection for its input.
DocData Output of parsing (e.g.
DocMaker Creates Document objects.
EnwikiContentSource A ContentSource which reads the English Wikipedia dump.
EnwikiQueryMaker A QueryMaker that uses common and uncommon actual Wikipedia queries for searching the English Wikipedia collection.
FileBasedQueryMaker Create queries from a FileReader.
LineDocSource A ContentSource reading one line at a time as a Document from a single file.
ReutersContentSource A ContentSource reading from the Reuters collection.
ReutersQueryMaker A QueryMaker that makes queries devised manually (by Grant Ingersoll) for searching in the Reuters collection.
SimpleQueryMaker A QueryMaker that makes queries for a collection created using SingleDocSource.
SimpleSloppyPhraseQueryMaker Create sloppy phrase queries for performance test, in an index created using simple doc maker.
SingleDocSource Creates the same document each time SingleDocSource.getNextDocData(DocData) is called.
SortableSingleDocSource Adds fields appropriate for sorting: country, random_string and sort_field (int).
TrecContentSource Implements a ContentSource over the TREC collection.

Exception Summary
NoMoreDataException Exception indicating there is no more data.

Package org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds Description

Sources for benchmark inputs: documents and queries.

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