Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.shingle

Word n-gram filters


Class Summary
ShingleAnalyzerWrapper A ShingleAnalyzerWrapper wraps a ShingleFilter around another Analyzer.
ShingleFilter A ShingleFilter constructs shingles (token n-grams) from a token stream.
ShingleMatrixFilter A ShingleMatrixFilter constructs shingles (token n-grams) from a token stream.
ShingleMatrixFilter.Matrix A column focused matrix in three dimensions:
ShingleMatrixFilter.OneDimensionalNonWeightedTokenSettingsCodec Using this codec makes a ShingleMatrixFilter act like ShingleFilter.
ShingleMatrixFilter.SimpleThreeDimensionalTokenSettingsCodec A full featured codec not to be used for something serious.
ShingleMatrixFilter.TokenPositioner Used to describe how a Token is to be inserted to a ShingleMatrixFilter.Matrix.
ShingleMatrixFilter.TokenSettingsCodec Strategy used to code and decode meta data of the tokens from the input stream regarding how to position the tokens in the matrix, set and retreive weight, et c.
ShingleMatrixFilter.TwoDimensionalNonWeightedSynonymTokenSettingsCodec A codec that creates a two dimensional matrix by treating tokens from the input stream with 0 position increment as new rows to the current column.

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.shingle Description

Word n-gram filters

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