Constant Field Values


public static final int MAX_TERMS 100


public static final String TOKEN_TYPE_FULL_PREC "fullPrecNumeric"
public static final String TOKEN_TYPE_LOWER_PREC "lowerPrecNumeric"

public static final String DEFAULT_TYPE "word"
public static final String DEFAULT_STOPWORD_FILE "stopwords.txt"
public static final String STOPWORDS_COMMENT "#"
public static final char ALEF 1575
public static final char ALEF_HAMZA_ABOVE 1571
public static final char ALEF_HAMZA_BELOW 1573
public static final char ALEF_MADDA 1570
public static final char DAMMA 1615
public static final char DAMMATAN 1612
public static final char DOTLESS_YEH 1609
public static final char FATHA 1614
public static final char FATHATAN 1611
public static final char HEH 1607
public static final char KASRA 1616
public static final char KASRATAN 1613
public static final char SHADDA 1617
public static final char SUKUN 1618
public static final char TATWEEL 1600
public static final char TEH_MARBUTA 1577
public static final char YEH 1610
public static final char ALEF 1575
public static final char BEH 1576
public static final char FEH 1601
public static final char HEH 1607
public static final char KAF 1603
public static final char LAM 1604
public static final char NOON 1606
public static final char TEH 1578
public static final char TEH_MARBUTA 1577
public static final char WAW 1608
public static final char YEH 1610
public static final int DELIMITER 0
public static final int DIGIT 2
public static final int FULLWIDTH_DIGIT 6
public static final int FULLWIDTH_LETTER 5
public static final int HANZI 3
public static final int LETTER 1
public static final int OTHER 7
public static final int SPACE_LIKE 4
public static final int MAX_FREQUENCE 2159997
public static final String SPACES " \u3000\t\r\n"
public static final int CHINESE_WORD 2
public static final int DELIMITER 5
public static final int FULLWIDTH_NUMBER 7
public static final int FULLWIDTH_STRING 6
public static final int NUMBER 4
public static final int SENTENCE_BEGIN 0
public static final int SENTENCE_END 1
public static final int STRING 3

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_SUBWORD_SIZE 15
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_SUBWORD_SIZE 2
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_WORD_SIZE 5

protected static final int BLOCK_SIZE 2048

public static final String DEFAULT_STOPWORD_FILE "stopwords.txt"
public static final String STOPWORDS_COMMENT "#"

public static final char FARSI_YEH 1740
public static final char HAMZA_ABOVE 1620
public static final char HEH 1607
public static final char HEH_GOAL 1729
public static final char HEH_YEH 1728
public static final char KAF 1603
public static final char KEHEH 1705
public static final char YEH 1610
public static final char YEH_BARREE 1746

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_GRAM_SIZE 1
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_GRAM_SIZE 1

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_GRAM_SIZE 1
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_GRAM_SIZE 1

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_NGRAM_SIZE 2
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_NGRAM_SIZE 1

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_NGRAM_SIZE 2
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_NGRAM_SIZE 1

public static final char DEFAULT_DELIMITER 124

public static final float defaultMaxDocFreqPercent 0.4000000059604645f

public static final char INFORMATION_SEPARATOR_MARKER 31
public static final char PUA_EC00_MARKER 60416
public static final char RTL_DIRECTION_MARKER 8207
public static final char START_OF_HEADING_MARKER 1

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_SHINGLE_SIZE 2
public static final String TOKEN_SEPARATOR " "

public static final String DATE_TYPE "date"

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_TOKEN_LENGTH 255

public static final int ACRONYM 2
public static final int ACRONYM_DEP 8
public static final int ALPHANUM 0
public static final int APOSTROPHE 1
public static final int CJ 7
public static final int COMPANY 3
public static final int EMAIL 4
public static final int HOST 5
public static final int NUM 6

public static final String DEFAULT_TYPE "word"

public static final int DEFAULT_LOG_STEP 1000
public static final int DEFAULT_MAXIMUM_DOCUMENTS 2147483647
public static final int DEFAULT_RUN_COUNT 5
public static final int DEFAULT_SCALE_UP 5

protected static final int BUFFER_SIZE 65536

public static final String BODY_FIELD "body"
public static final String BYTES_FIELD "bytes"
public static final String DATE_FIELD "docdate"
public static final String ID_FIELD "docid"
public static final String NAME_FIELD "docname"
public static final String TITLE_FIELD "doctitle"

public static final int DEFAULT_DOC_DELETE_STEP 8

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_BUFFERED -1
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_FIELD_LENGTH 10000
public static final int DEFAULT_MERGE_PFACTOR 10
public static final double DEFAULT_RAM_FLUSH_MB 16.0

public static final String USER_DATA "userData"

protected static final String ELAPSED " elapsedSec"
protected static final String OP "Operation "
protected static final String RECCNT " recsPerRun"
protected static final String RECSEC " rec/s"
protected static final String ROUND " round"
protected static final String RUNCNT " runCnt"
protected static final String TOTMEM " avgTotalMem"
protected static final String USEDMEM " avgUsedMem"

public static final char SEP 9

public static final int MAX_POINTS 20

public static final int AfterEquals 3
public static final int ArgEquals 17
public static final int ArgName 16
public static final int ArgQuote1 20
public static final int ArgQuote2 21
public static final int ArgValue 19
public static final int CloseQuote1 24
public static final int CloseQuote2 26
public static final int Comment1 4
public static final int Comment2 5
public static final int CommentEnd1 28
public static final int CommentEnd2 30
public static final int CommentText1 27
public static final int CommentText2 29
public static final int DeclName 3
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int Entity 10
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int HEX 9
public static final int LET 7
public static final int NUM 8
public static final int Punct 13
public static final int Quote1Text 23
public static final int Quote2Text 25
public static final int ScriptEnd 15
public static final int ScriptStart 1
public static final int ScriptText 14
public static final int SP 12
public static final int Space 11
public static final int TagEnd 18
public static final int TagName 2
public static final int WithinComment1 6
public static final int WithinComment2 7
public static final int WithinQuote1 4
public static final int WithinQuote2 5
public static final int WithinScript 1
public static final int WithinTag 2
public static final int Word 6

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final String MAX_STRING_VALUE "01y2p0ij32e8e7"
public static final String MIN_STRING_VALUE "-0000000000000"

public static final int DEFAULT_NUM_LARGE_SEGMENTS 10

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_BUFFERED_DELETE_TERMS -1
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_BUFFERED_DOCS -1
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_FIELD_LENGTH 10000
public static final double DEFAULT_RAM_BUFFER_SIZE_MB 16.0
public static final int DEFAULT_TERM_INDEX_INTERVAL 128
public static final int DISABLE_AUTO_FLUSH -1
public static final int MAX_TERM_LENGTH 16383
public static final String WRITE_LOCK_NAME "write.lock"

public static final double DEFAULT_MAX_MERGE_MB 9.223372036854776E18
public static final double DEFAULT_MIN_MERGE_MB 1.6

public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_MERGE_DOCS 1000

public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_MERGE_DOCS 2147483647
public static final int DEFAULT_MERGE_FACTOR 10
public static final double DEFAULT_NO_CFS_RATIO 0.1
public static final double LEVEL_LOG_SPAN 0.75

public static final int FORMAT -1
public static final int FORMAT_CHECKSUM -5
public static final int FORMAT_DEL_COUNT -6
public static final int FORMAT_DIAGNOSTICS -9
public static final int FORMAT_HAS_PROX -7
public static final int FORMAT_LOCKLESS -2
public static final int FORMAT_SHARED_DOC_STORE -4
public static final int FORMAT_SINGLE_NORM_FILE -3
public static final int FORMAT_USER_DATA -8

public static final String ALL "_ALL_"

public static final int AND 1
public static final int ANDNOT 2
public static final int OR 0
public static final int XOR 3

public static final int numTerms 100

public static final int _ESCAPED_CHAR 2
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _QUOTED_CHAR 6
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 4
public static final int _TERM_START_CHAR 3
public static final int _WHITESPACE 5
public static final int AND 8
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 17
public static final int COLON 15
public static final int DEFAULT 3
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int FUZZY_SLOP 20
public static final int LPAREN 13
public static final int MINUS 12
public static final int NOT 10
public static final int NUMBER 25
public static final int OR 9
public static final int PLUS 11
public static final int PREFIXTERM 21
public static final int QUOTED 18
public static final int RangeEx 1
public static final int RANGEEX_END 31
public static final int RANGEEX_GOOP 33
public static final int RANGEEX_QUOTED 32
public static final int RANGEEX_START 24
public static final int RANGEEX_TO 30
public static final int RangeIn 2
public static final int RANGEIN_END 27
public static final int RANGEIN_GOOP 29
public static final int RANGEIN_QUOTED 28
public static final int RANGEIN_START 23
public static final int RANGEIN_TO 26
public static final int RPAREN 14
public static final int STAR 16
public static final int TERM 19
public static final int WILDTERM 22

public static final String PLAINTEXT_FIELD_NAME "_plain"

public static final int _ESCAPED_CHAR 2
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 4
public static final int _TERM_START_CHAR 3
public static final int _WHITESPACE 5
public static final int AND 7
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 15
public static final int COLON 14
public static final int DEFAULT 3
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int FUZZY_SLOP 18
public static final int LPAREN 12
public static final int MINUS 11
public static final int NOT 9
public static final int NUMBER 23
public static final int OR 8
public static final int PLUS 10
public static final int PREFIXTERM 19
public static final int QUOTED 16
public static final int RangeEx 1
public static final int RANGEEX_END 29
public static final int RANGEEX_GOOP 31
public static final int RANGEEX_QUOTED 30
public static final int RANGEEX_START 22
public static final int RANGEEX_TO 28
public static final int RangeIn 2
public static final int RANGEIN_END 25
public static final int RANGEIN_GOOP 27
public static final int RANGEIN_QUOTED 26
public static final int RANGEIN_START 21
public static final int RANGEIN_TO 24
public static final int RPAREN 13
public static final int TERM 17
public static final int WILDTERM 20

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final int _ESCAPED_CHAR 2
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _QUOTED_CHAR 6
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 4
public static final int _TERM_START_CHAR 3
public static final int _WHITESPACE 5
public static final int AND 8
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 16
public static final int COLON 15
public static final int DEFAULT 3
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int FUZZY_SLOP 19
public static final int LPAREN 13
public static final int MINUS 12
public static final int NOT 10
public static final int NUMBER 22
public static final int OR 9
public static final int PLUS 11
public static final int QUOTED 17
public static final int RangeEx 1
public static final int RANGEEX_END 28
public static final int RANGEEX_GOOP 30
public static final int RANGEEX_QUOTED 29
public static final int RANGEEX_START 21
public static final int RANGEEX_TO 27
public static final int RangeIn 2
public static final int RANGEIN_END 24
public static final int RANGEIN_GOOP 26
public static final int RANGEIN_QUOTED 25
public static final int RANGEIN_START 20
public static final int RANGEIN_TO 23
public static final int RPAREN 14
public static final int TERM 18

public static final int _DISTOP_NUM 6
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _ONE_CHAR 5
public static final int _STAR 4
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 2
public static final int _WHITESPACE 3
public static final int AND 9
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 17
public static final int COLON 16
public static final int COMMA 15
public static final int DEFAULT 1
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int LPAREN 13
public static final int N 12
public static final int NOT 10
public static final int NUMBER 23
public static final int OR 8
public static final int QUOTED 19
public static final int RPAREN 14
public static final int SUFFIXTERM 20
public static final int TERM 22
public static final int TRUNCQUOTED 18
public static final int TRUNCTERM 21
public static final int W 11
public static final int NO_MORE_DOCS 2147483647
public static final int KM_USE_FIRST_OCCURRENCE 1
public static final int KM_USE_LAST_OCCURRENCE 2
public static final int PM_FAST_INVALIDATION 2
public static final int PM_FULL_VALIDATION 1
public static final int STRING_INDEX -1
protected static final int DEFAULT_CACHE_CLEAN_SIZE 100
protected static final long DEFAULT_CACHE_SLEEP_TIME 600000L
public static final float defaultMinSimilarity 0.5f
public static final int defaultPrefixLength 0
public static final int NO_DOC_ID_PROVIDED -1
public static final int BYTE 10
public static final int CUSTOM 9
public static final int DOC 1
public static final int DOUBLE 7
public static final int FLOAT 5
public static final int INT 4
public static final int LONG 6
public static final int SCORE 0
public static final int SHORT 8
public static final int STRING 3
public static final int STRING_VAL 11
public static final int DEFAULT_RESOLUTION 20
public static final char WILDCARD_CHAR 63
public static final char WILDCARD_STRING 42
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_CHARS_TO_ANALYZE 51200
public static final int FLAG_MATCH_CASEINDEPENDENT 1
public static final int FLAG_MATCH_NORMAL 0
public static final int FLAG_CANON_EQ 128
public static final int FLAG_CASE_INSENSITIVE 2
public static final int FLAG_COMMENTS 4
public static final int FLAG_DOTALL 32
public static final int FLAG_LITERAL 16
public static final int FLAG_MULTILINE 8
public static final int FLAG_UNICODE_CASE 64
public static final int FLAG_UNIX_LINES 1
public static final boolean DEFAULT_BOOST false
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_DOC_FREQ 2147483647
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_NUM_TOKENS_PARSED 5000
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_QUERY_TERMS 25
public static final int DEFAULT_MAX_WORD_LENGTH 0
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_DOC_FREQ 5
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_TERM_FREQ 2
public static final int DEFAULT_MIN_WORD_LENGTH 0
public static final String F_WORD "word"
public static final boolean DEFAULT_FIELD_MATCH true
public static final boolean DEFAULT_PHRASE_HIGHLIGHT true
public static final int MARGIN 6
public static final int MIN_FRAG_CHAR_SIZE 18

public static final double SCALE_FACTOR 1000000.0
public static final int SCALE_FACTOR_INT 1000000

public static final double KILOMETERS_PER_MILE 1.6093469858169556
public static final double MILES_PER_LATITUDE 69.17097473144531

public static final double MILES_FLOOR 1.0

public static final String DEFALT_FIELD_PREFIX "_tier_"
public static final int BUFFER_SIZE 1024
public static final long LOCK_OBTAIN_WAIT_FOREVER -1L
public static final int BLOCK_LEN 16384
public static final int BLOCK_MASK 16383
public static final int BLOCK_SHIFT 14
public static final int BLOCK_LEN 16384
public static final int BLOCK_MASK 16383
public static final int BLOCK_SHIFT 14

public static final int BUF_SIZE_INT 6
public static final int BUF_SIZE_LONG 11
public static final int PRECISION_STEP_DEFAULT 4
public static final char SHIFT_START_INT 96
public static final char SHIFT_START_LONG 32

public static final int UNI_REPLACEMENT_CHAR 65533
public static final int UNI_SUR_HIGH_END 56319
public static final int UNI_SUR_HIGH_START 55296
public static final int UNI_SUR_LOW_END 57343
public static final int UNI_SUR_LOW_START 56320

public static final int ACRONYM_ID 2
public static final int ALPHANUM_ID 0
public static final int APOSTROPHE_ID 1
public static final String BOLD "b"
public static final int BOLD_ID 12
public static final String BOLD_ITALICS "bi"
public static final int BOLD_ITALICS_ID 14
public static final int BOTH 2
public static final String CATEGORY "c"
public static final int CATEGORY_ID 11
public static final String CITATION "ci"
public static final int CITATION_ID 10
public static final int CJ_ID 7
public static final int COMPANY_ID 3
public static final int EMAIL_ID 4
public static final String EXTERNAL_LINK "el"
public static final int EXTERNAL_LINK_ID 9
public static final String EXTERNAL_LINK_URL "elu"
public static final int EXTERNAL_LINK_URL_ID 17
public static final String HEADING "h"
public static final int HEADING_ID 15
public static final int HOST_ID 5
public static final String INTERNAL_LINK "il"
public static final int INTERNAL_LINK_ID 8
public static final String ITALICS "i"
public static final int ITALICS_ID 13
public static final int NUM_ID 6
public static final String SUB_HEADING "sh"
public static final int SUB_HEADING_ID 16
public static final int TOKENS_ONLY 0
public static final int UNTOKENIZED_ONLY 1
public static final int UNTOKENIZED_TOKEN_FLAG 1

public static final String SYNONYM_TOKEN_TYPE "SYNONYM"

public static final String F_SYN "syn"
public static final String F_WORD "word"

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