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Packages that use MultiTermQuery Code to search indices. 

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 class ConstantScoreRangeQuery
          Deprecated. Use TermRangeQuery for term ranges or NumericRangeQuery for numeric ranges instead. This class will be removed in Lucene 3.0.
 class FuzzyQuery
          Implements the fuzzy search query.
 class NumericRangeQuery
          A Query that matches numeric values within a specified range.
 class PrefixQuery
          A Query that matches documents containing terms with a specified prefix.
 class TermRangeQuery
          A Query that matches documents within an range of terms.
 class WildcardQuery
          Implements the wildcard search query.

Fields in declared as MultiTermQuery
protected  MultiTermQuery MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter.query

Methods in with parameters of type MultiTermQuery
abstract  Query MultiTermQuery.RewriteMethod.rewrite(IndexReader reader, MultiTermQuery query)
 Query MultiTermQuery.ConstantScoreAutoRewrite.rewrite(IndexReader reader, MultiTermQuery query)

Constructors in with parameters of type MultiTermQuery
MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter(MultiTermQuery query)
          Wrap a MultiTermQuery as a Filter.

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