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Packages that use Collector Code to search indices. 

Uses of Collector in

Subclasses of Collector in
 class HitCollectorWrapper
          Deprecated. Please migrate custom HitCollectors to the new Collector class. This class will be removed when HitCollector is removed.
 class PositiveScoresOnlyCollector
          A Collector implementation which wraps another Collector and makes sure only documents with scores > 0 are collected.
 class TimeLimitingCollector
          The TimeLimitingCollector is used to timeout search requests that take longer than the maximum allowed search time limit.
 class TopDocsCollector
          A base class for all collectors that return a TopDocs output.
 class TopFieldCollector
          A Collector that sorts by SortField using FieldComparators.
 class TopScoreDocCollector
          A Collector implementation that collects the top-scoring hits, returning them as a TopDocs.

Methods in with parameters of type Collector
 void ScoreCachingWrappingScorer.score(Collector collector)
 void Scorer.score(Collector collector)
          Scores and collects all matching documents.
protected  boolean ScoreCachingWrappingScorer.score(Collector collector, int max, int firstDocID)
protected  boolean Scorer.score(Collector collector, int max, int firstDocID)
          Expert: Collects matching documents in a range.
 void query, Collector results)
          Lower-level search API.
 void query, Filter filter, Collector results)
          Lower-level search API.
 void weight, Filter filter, Collector collector)
          Lower-level search API.
 void weight, Filter filter, Collector collector)
 void weight, Filter filter, Collector collector)
 void weight, Filter filter, Collector collector)
          Lower-level search API.
abstract  void weight, Filter filter, Collector results)

Constructors in with parameters of type Collector
PositiveScoresOnlyCollector(Collector c)
TimeLimitingCollector(Collector collector, long timeAllowed)
          Create a TimeLimitedCollector wrapper over another Collector with a specified timeout.

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