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Packages that use QueryBuilder
org.apache.lucene.xmlparser Parser that produces Lucene Query objects from XML streams.   

Uses of QueryBuilder in org.apache.lucene.xmlparser

Classes in org.apache.lucene.xmlparser that implement QueryBuilder
 class CoreParser
          Assembles a QueryBuilder which uses only core Lucene Query objects
 class CorePlusExtensionsParser
 class QueryBuilderFactory

Methods in org.apache.lucene.xmlparser that return QueryBuilder
 QueryBuilder QueryBuilderFactory.getQueryBuilder(String nodeName)

Methods in org.apache.lucene.xmlparser with parameters of type QueryBuilder
 void QueryBuilderFactory.addBuilder(String nodeName, QueryBuilder builder)
 void CoreParser.addQueryBuilder(String nodeName, QueryBuilder builder)

Uses of QueryBuilder in

Subinterfaces of QueryBuilder in
 interface SpanQueryBuilder

Classes in that implement QueryBuilder
 class BooleanQueryBuilder
 class BoostingQueryBuilder
 class BoostingTermBuilder
 class ConstantScoreQueryBuilder
 class FilteredQueryBuilder
 class FuzzyLikeThisQueryBuilder
 class LikeThisQueryBuilder
 class MatchAllDocsQueryBuilder
 class SpanBuilderBase
 class SpanFirstBuilder
 class SpanNearBuilder
 class SpanNotBuilder
 class SpanOrBuilder
 class SpanOrTermsBuilder
 class SpanQueryBuilderFactory
 class SpanTermBuilder
 class TermQueryBuilder
 class TermsQueryBuilder
          Builds a BooleanQuery from all of the terms found in the XML element using the choice of analyzer
 class UserInputQueryBuilder
          UserInputQueryBuilder uses 1 of 2 strategies for thread-safe parsing: 1) Synchronizing access to "parse" calls on a previously supplied QueryParser or..

Constructors in with parameters of type QueryBuilder
BooleanQueryBuilder(QueryBuilder factory)
BoostingQueryBuilder(QueryBuilder factory)
FilteredQueryBuilder(FilterBuilder filterFactory, QueryBuilder queryFactory)

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