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Packages that use PriorityQueue Code to search indices. Document similarity query generators. 

Uses of PriorityQueue in

Subclasses of PriorityQueue in
 class FieldSortedHitQueue
          Deprecated. see FieldValueHitQueue
 class FieldValueHitQueue
          Expert: A hit queue for sorting by hits by terms in more than one field.
protected static class FuzzyQuery.ScoreTermQueue

Fields in declared as PriorityQueue
protected  PriorityQueue TopDocCollector.hq
          Deprecated. The priority queue which holds the top-scoring documents.
protected  PriorityQueue TopDocsCollector.pq
          The priority queue which holds the top documents.

Constructors in with parameters of type PriorityQueue
TopDocCollector(PriorityQueue hq)
          Deprecated. Constructor to collect the top-scoring documents by using the given PQ.
TopDocsCollector(PriorityQueue pq)

Uses of PriorityQueue in

Methods in that return PriorityQueue
 PriorityQueue MoreLikeThis.retrieveTerms(int docNum)
          Find words for a more-like-this query former.
 PriorityQueue MoreLikeThis.retrieveTerms(Reader r)
          Find words for a more-like-this query former.

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