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org.apache.lucene.document The logical representation of a Document for indexing and searching. 
org.apache.lucene.queryParser A simple query parser implemented with JavaCC. 
org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard Contains the implementation of the Lucene query parser using the flexible query parser frameworks Code to search indices. 
org.apache.lucene.util Some utility classes. 

Uses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.document

Subclasses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.document
static class Field.Index
          Specifies whether and how a field should be indexed.
static class Field.Store
          Specifies whether and how a field should be stored.
static class Field.TermVector
          Specifies whether and how a field should have term vectors.

Uses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.queryParser

Subclasses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.queryParser
static class QueryParser.Operator
          The default operator for parsing queries.

Uses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard

Subclasses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard
static class QueryParserWrapper.Operator
          Deprecated. The default operator for parsing queries.

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static class BooleanClause.Occur
          Specifies how clauses are to occur in matching documents.
static class CachingWrapperFilter.DeletesMode
          Expert: Specifies how new deletions against a reopened reader should be handled.

Uses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.util

Subclasses of Parameter in org.apache.lucene.util
 class Version
          Use by certain classes to match version compatibility across releases of Lucene.

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