Package org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.tasks

Extendable benchmark tasks.


Class Summary
AddDocTask Add a document, optionally with of a certain size.
ClearStatsTask Clear statistics data.
CloseIndexTask Close index writer.
CloseReaderTask Close index reader.
CommitIndexTask Commits the IndexWriter.
ConsumeContentSourceTask Consumes a ContentSource.
CreateIndexTask Create an index.
DeleteByPercentTask Deletes a percentage of documents from an index randomly over the number of documents.
DeleteDocTask Delete a document by docid.
NearRealtimeReaderTask Spawns a BG thread that periodically (defaults to 3.0 seconds, but accepts param in seconds) wakes up and asks IndexWriter for a near real-time reader.
NewAnalyzerTask Create a new Analyzer and set it it in the getRunData() for use by all future tasks.
NewRoundTask Increment the counter for properties maintained by Round Number.
OpenIndexTask Open an index writer.
OpenReaderTask Open an index reader.
OptimizeTask Optimize the index.
PerfTask An abstract task to be tested for performance.
ReadTask Read index (abstract) task.
ReadTokensTask Simple task to test performance of tokenizers.
ReopenReaderTask Reopens IndexReader and closes old IndexReader.
RepAllTask Report all statistics with no aggregations.
ReportTask Report (abstract) task - all report tasks extend this task.
RepSelectByPrefTask Report by-name-prefix statistics with no aggregations.
RepSumByNameRoundTask Report all statistics grouped/aggregated by name and round.
RepSumByNameTask Report all statistics aggregated by name.
RepSumByPrefRoundTask Report all prefix matching statistics grouped/aggregated by name and round.
RepSumByPrefTask Report by-name-prefix statistics aggregated by name.
ResetInputsTask Reset inputs so that the test run would behave, input wise, as if it just started.
ResetSystemEraseTask Reset all index and input data and call gc, erase index and dir, does NOT clear statistics.
ResetSystemSoftTask Reset all index and input data and call gc, does NOT erase index/dir, does NOT clear statistics.
SearchTask Search task.
SearchTravRetHighlightTask Search and Traverse and Retrieve docs task.
SearchTravRetLoadFieldSelectorTask Search and Traverse and Retrieve docs task using a SetBasedFieldSelector.
SearchTravRetTask Search and Traverse and Retrieve docs task.
SearchTravRetVectorHighlightTask Search and Traverse and Retrieve docs task.
SearchTravTask Search and Traverse task.
SearchWithSortTask Does sort search on specified field.
SetPropTask Set a performance test configuration property.
TaskSequence Sequence of parallel or sequential tasks.
UpdateDocTask Update a document, using IndexWriter.updateDocument, optionally with of a certain size.
WarmTask Warm reader task: retrieve all reader documents.
WriteLineDocTask A task which writes documents, one line per document.

Package org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.tasks Description

Extendable benchmark tasks.

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