Class LineDocMaker

  extended by org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds.DocMaker
      extended by org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds.LineDocMaker

Deprecated. Please use DocMaker instead, with content.source=LineDocSource

public class LineDocMaker
extends DocMaker

A DocMaker reading one line at a time as a Document from a single file. This saves IO cost (over DirContentSource) of recursing through a directory and opening a new file for every document. It also re-uses its Document and Field instance to improve indexing speed.
The expected format of each line is (arguments are separated by <TAB>): title, date, body. If a line is read in a different format, a RuntimeException will be thrown. In general, you should use this doc maker with files that were created with WriteLineDocTask.

Config properties:

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds.DocMaker
BODY_FIELD, bodyIndexVal, BYTES_FIELD, config, DATE_FIELD, ID_FIELD, indexProperties, indexVal, NAME_FIELD, reuseFields, source, storeVal, termVecVal, TITLE_FIELD
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void setConfig(Config config)
          Deprecated. Set the configuration parameters of this doc maker.
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close, getBytesCount, getDocState, getTotalBytesCount, incrNumDocsCreated, makeDocument, makeDocument, printDocStatistics, resetInputs
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Constructor Detail


public LineDocMaker()
Method Detail


public void setConfig(Config config)
Description copied from class: DocMaker
Set the configuration parameters of this doc maker.

setConfig in class DocMaker

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