Faceted Search API

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Package Description

Faceted Search API

API for faceted search has several interfaces - simple, top level ones, adequate for most users, and advanced, more complicated ones, for the more advanced users.

We now describe the simpler interfaces. There are mainly 3 interfaces for faceted search:

  1. Facets Request defines requirements:
    • which facets are required, e.g. depth
    • what is computed for each facet - e.g. count, score.
  2. Facets Extractor Controls how facets are extracted, with variations of:
    • default (partitioned, like all extractors).
    • sampled - inspects only a fraction of the documents.
  3. Facet Results Handler Controls how results are further processed and merged (also between partitions):
    • Top K.
    • Tree.
    • Tree with top K at each level
    • ...