Support for Autocomplete/Autosuggest


Class Summary
BufferingTermFreqIteratorWrapper This wrapper buffers incoming elements.
BytesRefArray A simple append only random-access BytesRef array that stores full copies of the appended bytes in a ByteBlockPool.
FileDictionary Dictionary represented by a text file.
InMemorySorter An BytesRefSorter that keeps all the entries in memory.
Lookup Simple Lookup interface for CharSequence suggestions.
Lookup.LookupPriorityQueue A PriorityQueue collecting a fixed size of high priority Lookup.LookupResult
Lookup.LookupResult Result of a lookup.
Sort On-disk sorting of byte arrays.
Sort.BufferSize A bit more descriptive unit for constructors.
Sort.ByteSequencesReader Utility class to read length-prefixed byte[] entries from an input.
Sort.ByteSequencesWriter Utility class to emit length-prefixed byte[] entries to an output stream for sorting.
SortedTermFreqIteratorWrapper This wrapper buffers incoming elements and makes sure they are sorted based on given comparator.
UnsortedTermFreqIteratorWrapper This wrapper buffers the incoming elements and makes sure they are in random order.

Package Description

Support for Autocomplete/Autosuggest

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