Package org.apache.lucene.misc

Miscellaneous index tools.


Class Summary
GetTermInfo Utility to get document frequency and total number of occurrences (sum of the tf for each doc) of a term.
HighFreqTerms HighFreqTerms class extracts the top n most frequent terms (by document frequency) from an existing Lucene index and reports their document frequency.
IndexMergeTool Merges indices specified on the command line into the index specified as the first command line argument.
SweetSpotSimilarity A similarity with a lengthNorm that provides for a "plateau" of equally good lengths, and tf helper functions.
TermStats Holder for a term along with its statistics (TermStats.docFreq and TermStats.totalTermFreq).

Package org.apache.lucene.misc Description

Miscellaneous index tools.

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