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Packages that use LMSimilarity.CollectionModel This package contains the various ranking models that can be used in Lucene. 

Uses of LMSimilarity.CollectionModel in

Classes in that implement LMSimilarity.CollectionModel
static class LMSimilarity.DefaultCollectionModel
          Models p(w|C) as the number of occurrences of the term in the collection, divided by the total number of tokens + 1.

Fields in declared as LMSimilarity.CollectionModel
protected  LMSimilarity.CollectionModel LMSimilarity.collectionModel
          The collection model.

Constructors in with parameters of type LMSimilarity.CollectionModel
LMDirichletSimilarity(LMSimilarity.CollectionModel collectionModel)
          Instantiates the similarity with the default μ value of 2000.
LMDirichletSimilarity(LMSimilarity.CollectionModel collectionModel, float mu)
          Instantiates the similarity with the provided μ parameter.
LMJelinekMercerSimilarity(LMSimilarity.CollectionModel collectionModel, float lambda)
          Instantiates with the specified collectionModel and λ parameter.
LMSimilarity(LMSimilarity.CollectionModel collectionModel)
          Creates a new instance with the specified collection language model.

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