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Packages that use BasicStats This package contains the various ranking models that can be used in Lucene. 

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static class LMSimilarity.LMStats
          Stores the collection distribution of the current term.

Methods in that return BasicStats
protected  BasicStats SimilarityBase.newStats(String field, float queryBoost)
          Factory method to return a custom stats object
protected  BasicStats LMSimilarity.newStats(String field, float queryBoost)

Methods in with parameters of type BasicStats
 float LMSimilarity.CollectionModel.computeProbability(BasicStats stats)
          Computes the probability p(w|C) according to the language model strategy for the current term.
 float LMSimilarity.DefaultCollectionModel.computeProbability(BasicStats stats)
abstract  Explanation Lambda.explain(BasicStats stats)
          Explains the lambda parameter.
 Explanation LambdaTTF.explain(BasicStats stats)
 Explanation LambdaDF.explain(BasicStats stats)
abstract  Explanation AfterEffect.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
          Returns an explanation for the score.
 Explanation AfterEffect.NoAfterEffect.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 Explanation AfterEffectB.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 Explanation AfterEffectL.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 Explanation BasicModel.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
          Returns an explanation for the score.
 Explanation BasicModelIn.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 Explanation Distribution.explain(BasicStats stats, float tfn, float lambda)
          Explains the score.
 Explanation Normalization.explain(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
          Returns an explanation for the normalized term frequency.
 Explanation Normalization.NoNormalization.explain(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
protected  Explanation SimilarityBase.explain(BasicStats stats, int doc, Explanation freq, float docLen)
          Explains the score.
protected  void SimilarityBase.explain(Explanation expl, BasicStats stats, int doc, float freq, float docLen)
          Subclasses should implement this method to explain the score.
protected  void LMDirichletSimilarity.explain(Explanation expl, BasicStats stats, int doc, float freq, float docLen)
protected  void DFRSimilarity.explain(Explanation expl, BasicStats stats, int doc, float freq, float docLen)
protected  void IBSimilarity.explain(Explanation expl, BasicStats stats, int doc, float freq, float docLen)
protected  void LMSimilarity.explain(Explanation expl, BasicStats stats, int doc, float freq, float docLen)
protected  void LMJelinekMercerSimilarity.explain(Explanation expl, BasicStats stats, int doc, float freq, float docLen)
protected  void SimilarityBase.fillBasicStats(BasicStats stats, CollectionStatistics collectionStats, TermStatistics termStats)
          Fills all member fields defined in BasicStats in stats.
protected  void LMSimilarity.fillBasicStats(BasicStats stats, CollectionStatistics collectionStats, TermStatistics termStats)
          Computes the collection probability of the current term in addition to the usual statistics.
abstract  float Lambda.lambda(BasicStats stats)
          Computes the lambda parameter.
 float LambdaTTF.lambda(BasicStats stats)
 float LambdaDF.lambda(BasicStats stats)
 float BasicModelIF.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float BasicModelD.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float BasicModelBE.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float BasicModelG.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
abstract  float AfterEffect.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
          Returns the aftereffect score.
 float AfterEffect.NoAfterEffect.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float BasicModelP.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float AfterEffectB.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float AfterEffectL.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
abstract  float BasicModel.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
          Returns the informative content score.
 float BasicModelIn.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
 float BasicModelIne.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn)
abstract  float Distribution.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn, float lambda)
          Computes the score.
protected abstract  float SimilarityBase.score(BasicStats stats, float freq, float docLen)
          Scores the document doc.
protected  float LMDirichletSimilarity.score(BasicStats stats, float freq, float docLen)
 float DistributionLL.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn, float lambda)
 float DistributionSPL.score(BasicStats stats, float tfn, float lambda)
protected  float DFRSimilarity.score(BasicStats stats, float freq, float docLen)
protected  float IBSimilarity.score(BasicStats stats, float freq, float docLen)
protected  float LMJelinekMercerSimilarity.score(BasicStats stats, float freq, float docLen)
abstract  float Normalization.tfn(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
          Returns the normalized term frequency.
 float Normalization.NoNormalization.tfn(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
 float NormalizationZ.tfn(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
 float NormalizationH3.tfn(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
 float NormalizationH1.tfn(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)
 float NormalizationH2.tfn(BasicStats stats, float tf, float len)

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