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Packages that use FieldCache.ByteParser Code to search indices. 

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Fields in declared as FieldCache.ByteParser
static FieldCache.ByteParser FieldCache.DEFAULT_BYTE_PARSER
          The default parser for byte values, which are encoded by Byte.toString(byte)

Methods in with parameters of type FieldCache.ByteParser
 FieldCache.Bytes FieldCache.getBytes(AtomicReader reader, String field, FieldCache.ByteParser parser, boolean setDocsWithField)
          Checks the internal cache for an appropriate entry, and if none is found, reads the terms in field as bytes and returns an array of size reader.maxDoc() of the value each document has in the given field.
static FieldCacheRangeFilter<Byte> FieldCacheRangeFilter.newByteRange(String field, FieldCache.ByteParser parser, Byte lowerVal, Byte upperVal, boolean includeLower, boolean includeUpper)
          Creates a numeric range filter using FieldCache.getBytes(AtomicReader,String,FieldCache.ByteParser,boolean).

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