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Packages that use FieldInvertState This package contains the various ranking models that can be used in Lucene. 

Uses of FieldInvertState in

Methods in with parameters of type FieldInvertState
 long SimilarityBase.computeNorm(FieldInvertState state)
          Encodes the document length in the same way as TFIDFSimilarity.
 long TFIDFSimilarity.computeNorm(FieldInvertState state)
 long BM25Similarity.computeNorm(FieldInvertState state)
 long PerFieldSimilarityWrapper.computeNorm(FieldInvertState state)
 long MultiSimilarity.computeNorm(FieldInvertState state)
abstract  long Similarity.computeNorm(FieldInvertState state)
          Computes the normalization value for a field, given the accumulated state of term processing for this field (see FieldInvertState).
abstract  float TFIDFSimilarity.lengthNorm(FieldInvertState state)
          Compute an index-time normalization value for this field instance.
 float DefaultSimilarity.lengthNorm(FieldInvertState state)
          Implemented as state.getBoost()*lengthNorm(numTerms), where numTerms is getLength() if DefaultSimilarity.setDiscountOverlaps(boolean) is false, else it's getLength() - getNumOverlap().

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