Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.uima

Classes that integrate UIMA with Lucene's analysis API.


Class Summary
BaseUIMATokenizer Abstract base implementation of a Tokenizer which is able to analyze the given input with a UIMA AnalysisEngine
UIMAAnnotationsTokenizer a Tokenizer which creates tokens from UIMA Annotations
UIMAAnnotationsTokenizerFactory TokenizerFactory for UIMAAnnotationsTokenizer
UIMABaseAnalyzer An Analyzer which use the UIMAAnnotationsTokenizer for creating tokens
UIMATypeAwareAnalyzer Analyzer which uses the UIMATypeAwareAnnotationsTokenizer for the tokenization phase
UIMATypeAwareAnnotationsTokenizer A Tokenizer which creates token from UIMA Annotations filling also their TypeAttribute according to FeaturePaths specified
UIMATypeAwareAnnotationsTokenizerFactory TokenizerFactory for UIMATypeAwareAnnotationsTokenizer

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.uima Description

Classes that integrate UIMA with Lucene's analysis API.

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