Uses of Interface

Packages that use AEProvider Integration with UIMA's AnalysisEngine 

Uses of AEProvider in

Classes in that implement AEProvider
 class BasicAEProvider
          Basic AEProvider which just instantiates a UIMA AnalysisEngine with no additional metadata, parameters or resources
 class OverridingParamsAEProvider
          AEProvider implementation that creates an Aggregate AE from the given path, also injecting runtime parameters defined in the solrconfig.xml Solr configuration file and assigning them as overriding parameters in the aggregate AE

Methods in that return AEProvider
 AEProvider AEProviderFactory.getAEProvider(String aePath)
 AEProvider AEProviderFactory.getAEProvider(String aePath, Map<String,Object> runtimeParameters)
 AEProvider AEProviderFactory.getAEProvider(String keyPrefix, String aePath, Map<String,Object> runtimeParameters)

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