Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.ja

Analyzer for Japanese.


Class Summary
GraphvizFormatter Outputs the dot (graphviz) string for the viterbi lattice.
JapaneseAnalyzer Analyzer for Japanese that uses morphological analysis.
JapaneseBaseFormFilter Replaces term text with the BaseFormAttribute.
JapaneseBaseFormFilterFactory Factory for JapaneseBaseFormFilter.
JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter Normalizes Japanese horizontal iteration marks (odoriji) to their expanded form.
JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilterFactory Factory for JapaneseIterationMarkCharFilter.
JapaneseKatakanaStemFilter A TokenFilter that normalizes common katakana spelling variations ending in a long sound character by removing this character (U+30FC).
JapaneseKatakanaStemFilterFactory Factory for JapaneseKatakanaStemFilterFactory.
JapanesePartOfSpeechStopFilter Removes tokens that match a set of part-of-speech tags.
JapanesePartOfSpeechStopFilterFactory Factory for JapanesePartOfSpeechStopFilter.
JapaneseReadingFormFilter A TokenFilter that replaces the term attribute with the reading of a token in either katakana or romaji form.
JapaneseReadingFormFilterFactory Factory for JapaneseReadingFormFilter.
JapaneseTokenizer Tokenizer for Japanese that uses morphological analysis.
JapaneseTokenizerFactory Factory for JapaneseTokenizer.
Token Analyzed token with morphological data from its dictionary.

Enum Summary
JapaneseTokenizer.Mode Tokenization mode: this determines how the tokenizer handles compound and unknown words.
JapaneseTokenizer.Type Token type reflecting the original source of this token

Package org.apache.lucene.analysis.ja Description

Analyzer for Japanese.

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