Constant Field Values


public static final String PLAINTEXT_FIELD_NAME "_plain"

public static final char DEFAULT_EXTENSION_FIELD_DELIMITER 58

public static final String TAG_ID "MultiTermRewriteMethodConfiguration"

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final int _ESCAPED_CHAR 2
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _QUOTED_CHAR 6
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 4
public static final int _TERM_START_CHAR 3
public static final int _WHITESPACE 5
public static final int AND 8
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 16
public static final int COLON 15
public static final int DEFAULT 3
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int FUZZY_SLOP 19
public static final int LPAREN 13
public static final int MINUS 12
public static final int NOT 10
public static final int NUMBER 22
public static final int OR 9
public static final int PLUS 11
public static final int QUOTED 17
public static final int RangeEx 1
public static final int RANGEEX_END 28
public static final int RANGEEX_GOOP 30
public static final int RANGEEX_QUOTED 29
public static final int RANGEEX_START 21
public static final int RANGEEX_TO 27
public static final int RangeIn 2
public static final int RANGEIN_END 24
public static final int RANGEIN_GOOP 26
public static final int RANGEIN_QUOTED 25
public static final int RANGEIN_START 20
public static final int RANGEIN_TO 23
public static final int RPAREN 14
public static final int TERM 18

public static final String TAG_ID "MultiTermRewriteMethodConfiguration"

public static final int _DISTOP_NUM 6
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _ONE_CHAR 5
public static final int _STAR 4
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 2
public static final int _WHITESPACE 3
public static final int AND 9
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 17
public static final int COLON 16
public static final int COMMA 15
public static final int DEFAULT 1
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int LPAREN 13
public static final int N 12
public static final int NOT 10
public static final int NUMBER 23
public static final int OR 8
public static final int QUOTED 19
public static final int RPAREN 14
public static final int SUFFIXTERM 20
public static final int TERM 22
public static final int TRUNCQUOTED 18
public static final int TRUNCTERM 21
public static final int W 11

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