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The payloads package provides Query mechanisms for finding and using payloads. 

Uses of PayloadFunction in

Subclasses of PayloadFunction in
 class AveragePayloadFunction
          Calculate the final score as the average score of all payloads seen.
 class MaxPayloadFunction
          Returns the maximum payload score seen, else 1 if there are no payloads on the doc.
 class MinPayloadFunction
          Calculates the minimum payload seen

Fields in declared as PayloadFunction
protected  PayloadFunction PayloadNearQuery.function
protected  PayloadFunction PayloadTermQuery.function

Constructors in with parameters of type PayloadFunction
PayloadNearQuery(SpanQuery[] clauses, int slop, boolean inOrder, PayloadFunction function)
PayloadTermQuery(Term term, PayloadFunction function)
PayloadTermQuery(Term term, PayloadFunction function, boolean includeSpanScore)

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