Constant Field Values


public static final int DEFAULT_NUM_LARGE_SEGMENTS 10

public static final int AND 1
public static final int ANDNOT 2
public static final int OR 0
public static final int XOR 3

public static final int numTerms 100

public static final int _ESCAPED_CHAR 2
public static final int _NUM_CHAR 1
public static final int _TERM_CHAR 4
public static final int _TERM_START_CHAR 3
public static final int _WHITESPACE 5
public static final int AND 7
public static final int Boost 0
public static final int CARAT 15
public static final int COLON 14
public static final int DEFAULT 3
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int FUZZY_SLOP 18
public static final int LPAREN 12
public static final int MINUS 11
public static final int NOT 9
public static final int NUMBER 23
public static final int OR 8
public static final int PLUS 10
public static final int PREFIXTERM 19
public static final int QUOTED 16
public static final int RangeEx 1
public static final int RANGEEX_END 29
public static final int RANGEEX_GOOP 31
public static final int RANGEEX_QUOTED 30
public static final int RANGEEX_START 22
public static final int RANGEEX_TO 28
public static final int RangeIn 2
public static final int RANGEIN_END 25
public static final int RANGEIN_GOOP 27
public static final int RANGEIN_QUOTED 26
public static final int RANGEIN_START 21
public static final int RANGEIN_TO 24
public static final int RPAREN 13
public static final int TERM 17
public static final int WILDTERM 20

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