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Packages that use QueryMaker
Benchmarking Lucene By Tasks. 
org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds Sources for benchmark inputs: documents and queries. 
org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.tasks Extendable benchmark tasks. 

Uses of QueryMaker in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask

Methods in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask that return QueryMaker
 QueryMaker PerfRunData.getQueryMaker(ReadTask readTask)

Uses of QueryMaker in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds

Classes in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.feeds that implement QueryMaker
 class AbstractQueryMaker
          Abstract base query maker.
 class EnwikiQueryMaker
          A QueryMaker that uses common and uncommon actual Wikipedia queries for searching the English Wikipedia collection.
 class FileBasedQueryMaker
          Create queries from a FileReader.
 class ReutersQueryMaker
          A QueryMaker that makes queries devised manually (by Grant Ingersoll) for searching in the Reuters collection.
 class SimpleQueryMaker
          A QueryMaker that makes queries for a collection created using SingleDocSource.
 class SimpleSloppyPhraseQueryMaker
          Create sloppy phrase queries for performance test, in an index created using simple doc maker.

Uses of QueryMaker in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.tasks

Methods in org.apache.lucene.benchmark.byTask.tasks that return QueryMaker
abstract  QueryMaker ReadTask.getQueryMaker()
          Return query maker used for this task.
 QueryMaker WarmTask.getQueryMaker()
 QueryMaker SearchTravTask.getQueryMaker()
 QueryMaker SearchWithSortTask.getQueryMaker()
 QueryMaker SearchTask.getQueryMaker()

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